Terry London


Terry London M. S. is the director of the Chicago Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, a 501 C 3 non-for-profit organization, which is affiliated with the Albert Ellis Institute of New York City. He is a licensed REBT practitioner and clinical supervisor/trainer through the Albert Ellis Institute.  He is considered a pioneer in the development of the educational approach based on REBT known as Rational Emotive Behavior Education (REBE), and has trained thousands of professional teachers in this approach through out the Midwest over the past twenty five years.He is the author of seven books on the topic of REBT/REBE written both for professionals and non-professionals.  He is an expert on the application of a REBT/harm reduction/life skill process approach to individuals struggling with addictive behaviors.  He has trained hundreds of clinical professionals in REBT and harm reduction strategies through out the United States.   

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