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Dan Hostetler, Executive Director

Dan Hostetler

As the Executive Director, Daniel Hostetler brings more than 30 years of experience in corporate consultancy and non-profit management.  His background includes serving as president and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Southern European Division (SED) of an International Consultancy for ten years, managing more than 300 consultants. 

He co-founded Strategic Business Partners, which reached national prominence by winning one of the highest awards in the consulting industry.  Before joining Above and Beyond, he was the Executive Director of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, and previous to that as Director of Operations and Finance with World Relief DuPage-Aurora, an international Christian nonprofit supporting refugees and immigration issues. 

Dan is considered to be at his best as a CEO/Managing Director when he is working with the Business Task owner, the Engagement Team, and a business owner to define the Business Task and its underlying processes while bringing the resources and appropriate tool sets into alignment so as to define, position, propose and execute any given project.

Dan knows how to create harmony and teamwork out of chaos. Having spent 7 years as an owner of Strategic Business Partners, an award winning national consultancy to small business, he is/was an entrepreneur himself which helps him to bring a solid background of real life experience to any client relationship.  

Dan holds the Logotherapy Diplomate Credential which he earned in 2019.  He holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Ohio Christian University in Circleton, Ohio and a Masters in Nonprofit Management from North Park University in Chicago.  He also has his CADC for Substance Abuse Counseling and Certificates in Heartmath and Nutritional Psychology.

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