Charlotte Cressey, B.A. Women's Studies, is an animal liberation activist and educator, ecofeminist, creator of Earth Energy Yoga®, a certified Chopra Center Meditation Instructor, lover of life, and enthusiast for the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  Charlotte credits yoga, meditation, connection with nature, and a feminist consciousness with saving her life from addiction and despair and helping her become more confident, assertive, and self-defined. 

Through her presentations, empowerment coaching, meditations, and Earth Energy Yoga® she assists people in discovering the infinite wellspring of joy, love, compassion, and wisdom within. She's presented at a variety of schools, universities, and conferences including the Teacher's for Tomorrow conference in Chicago in 2010 where she shared how teachers can implement mindfulness techniques in the classroom.

Charlotte believes in the revolutionary power of love and the innate kindness of the human heart.  She is on a quest to help humanity realize our potential as conduits of love and kindness.  Charlotte's own healing and transformation led her to create a unique form of yoga that is focused on using the elements and energies of nature to create transformation in our lives.   It is aimed at getting at the root of each person's struggle and suffering and providing them with practical solutions - ways of responding - on the mat that translate into productive choices in the rest of their life which yield more happiness and peace.  Earth Energy Yoga® is designed to help each person access their own wisdom, insight, and guidance directly.  

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