August Ghilarducci

Augie Ghilarducci

Author and Presenter
Values-Aligned Goal Setting©

After graduating from St. Joseph’s College in Indiana, Augie founded and operated a
Financial Planning and Business Consulting Firm for 17 years. In the late 1990’s he
made a series of bad decisions that were contrary to his values and upbringing. He
served 12 years in a Federal Prison, convicted of investment fraud.

He used this time to reflect, read, write, study, and speak about ethics, his failures, and
the lessons he learned. He researched, created, and instructed Values-Aligned Goal
Setting©. This comprehensive program provides a system for those who have
experienced a Life Changing Event equipping them to formulate and execute a plan to
successfully overcome these challenges.

While incarcerated he instructed more than 100 courses under the supervision of the
Education Department. This mission has continued into a career. He now provides a
complete Life Skill and Employment Readiness program in Jails and Prisons, Halfway
Houses, Substance Abuse Recovery Centers, and with At Risk Youth Groups
throughout the Chicagoland area.

Current projects include consulting with Heartland Alliance’s “Onboard Program.” Augie
has assisted in developing a curriculum and conducts training to frontline managers,
informing of barriers faced by formerly incarcerated individuals. He has assisted in
developing management tools in concert with trauma informed principles.

His expanding network includes raising awareness with employers to hire from the
populations in which he serves. He has commitments from local employers for hundreds
of job opportunities. This is functioning under self-created models: “A Collaboration for
Social Benefit” and “A Path to a Meaningful Career.”

He is currently an MBA candidate, with a concentration in Leadership and has
completed a Master’s in Business Ethics (2018) at Loyola University – Chicago Quinlan
School of Business.