Herman Russell is a native of Chicago. As a child, he didn’t see his mother or brothers and sisters until he was 8 years old and his mother passed away two years later. Needless to say, his hardscrabble childhood resulted in a downhill spiral. Two years after his Navy tour of duty, he began drinking and using drugs in order to live. Before he knew it he was a homeless bum. Herman vividly recalls, “I lost all hope and respect for myself. I thought I’d die like that.”

Today, because someone cared enough about him to introduce him into a twelve step program of recovery that gives him a daily reprieve from his disease, Herman now makes a positive difference in someone’s life almost every day. He has become an example of what can happen if you work at it. He also firmly believes that success is not based on material things but what you did to help your fellow man. Today he’s on a mission to let those who still suffer to know there’s a way out. He wants to give those who suffer the hope that was given to him.

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