Joy Myong

Joy Myong

Senior Counselor


Joy is a licensed professional counselor, a certified Brainspotting therapist, certified EFT Tapping practitioner. and PMA certified Pilates instructor. Joy is passionate about promoting holistic wellness and founded Heart Of Wellness, Inc. in 2015 to provide individual and group counseling to teenagers and adults motivated to overcome physical and emotional trauma.

Joy is a certified alcohol and other drugs of addictions counselor and has worked as a Senior Counselor at Above & Beyond since 2018. She is a lifelong learner who received her BS in Psychology from the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana and MA in Counseling from National-Louis University. Joy specializes in integrating Mindfulness-based CBT, Brainspotting and innovative somatic (brain-body based) therapy techniques to help individuals experience deep and rapid healing from debilitating past wounds.

Joy loves to stay active on the mat and off and has become a student of the art of allowing. She enjoys sharing simple, effective strategies for finding balance and a sense of playfulness in what can often feel like a fast-paced, stress-filled, disconnected human existence.