Khadijah Kysia

Khadijah Kysia

Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac)

Khadijah Kysia is a licensed acupuncturist and doctoral fellow in classical Chinese medicine and culture at Five Branches University ( San Jose). Her research involves the treatment of scar tissue on internal disease and mental health.

Khadijah has a BA in Creative Writing from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and her MSTOM from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (Chicago) where she is currently on staff as a clinical supervisor at the clinic on site and offsite at Project Vida. Khadijah is also a board certified herbalist (NCCAOM) and enjoys giving workshops at venues around the city.

The Nan Jing or the classic of difficulties, distinguishes the superior physician as one who initiates the cure from where there is yet no disease. The structure of group practice is founded on this and the following tenet:

The innate mechanisms of healing take instruction from the Heart which is an incorruptible source of Energy and Consciousness.

Her intention is to enable joy and compassion to transform challenges into health and stability. In this context, Khadijah prefers to think of herself not as the healer of others. The most important part of the work is to witness our connection.

In these sessions, the present moment is allowed to be a refuge from noise and the scattered energies that are a product of conflict. To nourish the seeds of quiet reflection , to encourage growth and healing Khadijah facilitates a variety if somatic exercises and administers the National AcuDetox Association ( NADA) protocol each week. In addition, she offers pain management to anyone who asks.

The practice at AnB has been part of her personal healing. Khadijah continues to be inspired by individuals restoring functionality by coming home to compassion and trust. On a weekly basis she is thankful to experience how this generates goodwill and healing throughout the community.

Khadijah is mother to three and maintains a private practice in her neighborhood. She likes travel, butoh, and circus arts. But her true love is brunch. Khadijah can be reached through her website: