Marcelino Riley

Marcelino Riley

American Ninja Warrior

Marcelino Riley is a 3-Time American Ninja Warrior, a socialpreneur, a personal transformation coach and a relentless fighter for health equity. Marcelino’s strives to help clients achieve optimal health and often helps them live a more fulfilling life in the process. 

After a severe cluster headache attack sent him to the emergency room in 2014, Marcelino hit his rock bottom. Weighing nearly 300lbs and suffering from chronic cluster headaches, Marcelino was given a litany of pharmaceutical drugs as his sole alternative to pain relief. 

Doctors gave him a very grim outlook on his future, simply accepting the fact that Marcelino will suffer from recurring pain for the rest of his life.  Refusing to accept this as his truth, Marcelino decided to take his health into his own hands. He became a student of optimal health, applying the practices of the healthiest people on the planet.

As a result he was able to lose 100 lbs, cure himself of the cluster headaches and transform his life. Uncovering his life’s mission to teach and inspire others, he became a certified personal trainer in 2015 and an American Ninja Warrior athlete in 2016. 

Marcelino has worked with hundreds of clients, applying the fundamental principles of movement, mindset, meditation, nutrition and gratitude to help people achieve optimal health and overcome the challenges of today’s modern society.