Thaddeus Williams is a Certified Alcohol and Other Drugs of Addiction, as well as a Mentally Ill Substance Abuse Counselor, (CADC), (MISA), through the regulatory body IAODAPACA. He has worked in the field of addictions for approximately thirty-five years. He began working in the field from 1983 until presently. He treats clients that struggle with ingestive addictions, such as crack-cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine, PCP, as well as treating behavioral addictions, such as, buying gambling, sex and pornography addictions; these actions of distractions addiction.

He also has a wealth administrative experience in the field of addictions. He was the Director of the Employee Assistance Program at the Chicago Transit Authority, he was the Clinical Supervisor of the Day Intensive 0utpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Grant Hospital, as well as the Marketing Director, Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment program, and Coordinator Evening Family Education Program, Loretto Hospital. He is currently Coordinator, Substance Abuse Referral Services Counselor, at The Boulevard. He is also currently a class room facilitator at the Chicago Public School Through a company Known as Life Builders.

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