Chicago Defender: Renewing Hope and Transforming Lives

One of the biggest epidemics in the U.S. is drug addiction. In the last four decades, the cycle of drugs sold and consumed in the African-American community has deteriorated generations down to walking shadows. Once, many flourishing areas in the Chicago Black communities represented pride, stability and progression to do better — be better.

In the early 1980s the quick cash flow of crack cocaine transitioned from heroin, ravishing throughout our communities increasing death, prison sentences and leaving many parentless children. This vicious cycle has left us with irreparable damage today.

The White House has issued an official report on the damage of heroin — reaching beyond the urban cities into rural America. The residue of state budget cuts and free-clinic programs that gave a glimmer of hope to those seeking rehab are in jeopardy. For many, the hardest steps are to admit when you have a problem whether it’s drug or alcohol addiction — sometimes both.

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