Bryanna Tartt

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Bryanna is a Mental Health Counselor with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Lake Forest College. Bryanna became a part of the Above and Beyond’s Family as an intern while studying at Loyola University of Chicago School of Social Work where she obtained her Master’s Degree. Bryanna grew up on the Southside of Chicago in the Woodlawn community. She believes that Mental Health is always prevalent in some shape or form when acknowledging an individual’s substance use, this belief is why she continues to study Co-Occurring Disorders (also known as Dual Diagnosis) and incorporates what she has learned into her interventions. Her personal, educational, and field experiences helped her to develop the viewpoint that recovery works in various ways and accepts whatever method works for the individual client. Bryanna’s main motivation and goals are to help individuals feel accepted, understood, and important and she plans to express this by using empathy, being compassionate, and doing her best to provide quality service.