Illinois Domestic Violence hotline

Surviving Domestic Abuse

Above & Beyond Adds Women’s Trauma Group to Provide Safe, Supportive Healing SpaceAbove and Beyond Family Recovery Center has continued to grow its program by offering new therapy groups based on its clients’ needs. For women seeking help for substance use issues, many of their addiction behaviors developed as coping skills to block out trauma …

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Meeting Your Goals

By Eric Ridenour When you find yourself in a new community, with little to nothing, you need everything you can gather just to get by. It is not easy, and the sheer volume of picking up the pieces of life and getting yourself together can take what seems like forever. It can be such a …

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Does Sobriety In Prison Count?

By Eric Ridenour There seems to be a regular debate in sobriety circles on whether sobriety time counts while you are in prison. Some say your first day sober is your first day out of jail, others will count time while in jail. Here we look at both lines of reasoning and help you decide. …

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Seeing Yourself Sober

Benefits of developing a strong mental image of yourself as a non-drinker Pete Soderman, author of Powerless No Longer A few years ago, when I decided to quit smoking following a major heart attack, one of the techniques that made it easier was seeing myself as a nonsmoker. I visualized a person with fresh breath, no …

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