Individual Recovery

Recovery for You - One Size Does not Fit All

You’ve been thinking about it for awhile - getting help for your substance use. The exhaustion suffering and despair of knowing the path you’re on only goes one way - down. Maybe you’re beginning to wonder, “Can I stop this?” The answer is yes.

Recovery is a journey, it begins in one place, moves forward, sometimes backwards, yet once you step on this path you are in the game. Above and Beyond offers an integrated, cutting edge array of interventions to support your walk back to a life you love and wellness. Recovery is not, “one size fits all.” Each person has unique characteristics. Some people require medication to help them on the long road to stability and health. For some, the starting point may be diagnosing an untreated mental health condition, while others require housing and employment - each person is unique.

The first step at Above and Beyond is:

Telephone Support - When you call Above and Beyond at 773-940-2960 a caring staff member is waiting to talk with you. Call between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and … on Saturday.

Screening - During the 45 minutes with a counselor, you will begin to explore the impact of substance use on your life and your family.

Assessment - This is the moment you begin to explore impact. Substance use decreases the health and well being in every part of your life.

Together you and your counselor will design a strategy for each special situation in your life. You will Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan. 
Above and Beyond understands that as circumstances change, so will your plan and the tools you gather along the way.
We will go Above and Beyond for you since our mission is to support the transformation of your life and help you rediscover hope.