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Why Is Community Important?

Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center was founded in 2016 by philanthropist, Bryan Cressey. The mission Above and Beyond adopted is to offer the most innovative, long-term, evidence-based, and evidence-informed addiction recovery services to everyone, including those who are unable to pay for them, while also assistance with recovery capital - housing, employment, communication skills, emotional regulation skills, financial literacy, etc..

By bettering our communities, by working with those within the community, we are not only helping to lift-up our friends, neighbors, and family, but we are also improving the lives of everyone living there.

These tight social bonds not only help to provide a solid network, but they make our neighborhoods better places to live, work, and play.

In Brian Cressey’s own words, 

Each person on the street, their life has the same value as my life. And everyone else’s life. Once that hit me, as I thought about that one day, I thought you have to do this, you can do it. It’s really going to help a lot of people whose lives are the same as yours. It’s going to help save lives, transform lives.”

Enter Creating The Treatment Of The Future

Addiction treatment services have taken on serious changes since the first AA meeting. We didn’t want to be looking backward to find a treatment that may or may not work, but we wanted to be able to offer the latest and greatest in treatments of all sorts.

All of our clients are individuals and,, because of that, one form of treatment is never going to work for everyone. We wanted to be able to offer a wide range of evidence-based treatments for recovery support so our clients could find a method of treatment that worked for them. 

We still use traditional methods of treatment such as group, individual counseling, and 12-step, but we also provide treatment that aims to get at the root cause of any sort of substance use. We provide:

  • Trauma and grief group
  • Life Purpose and Meaning
  • Learning to Love Yourself
  • Hope                 
  • Mindfulness
  • Life Skills
  • Employment Readiness
  • Rage Reduction
  • REBT group                      
  • Harm reduction         
  • Family group
  • 12-step meetings              
  • SMART meetings
  • Aging, Death, and Dying       

In addition to these forms of therapy, we also provide volunteer opportunities, and opportunities for our clients to express themselves artistically, and musically. We offer street yoga, acupuncture, and summer gardening.

We embody the premise that our clients are creative, resourceful, whole, and are not their circumstances. These different paths help to foster the idea that our clients are more than their substance use disorder. That they are more than their past. It also helps to guide them to find themselves again and to fill that hole that giving up substances can create.

With an acclaimed 26% program completion rate,  which is unexpectedly high for the industry, and an 84% sustained-sobriety rate after three years, the evidence is overwhelming. “Science, coupled with compassion and life-purpose triumphs over abstinence, punitive and exclusive alternatives.” Even today, we can see the proof that our programs are working. There was a steady increase in the percentage of graduates in 2020.

AnB Get Involved Graduation percentage

Who Deserves Treatment?

The second goal of Above and Beyond is not just to provide the most innovative, long-term, evidence-based, and evidence-informed addiction recovery services, but to provide it to everyone, including those who are unable to pay for them.

In addition, we want to be able to provide our clients with the tools and resources to be independent. With the proper tools and resources the likelihood of relapse decreases. This two-pronged approach is core to our mission.


Many of the clients that we serve are both homeless and/or unemployed at the time of intake. In addition to helping people overcome substance use issues, we also help them with life skills, job placement, and housing opportunities.

When new clients arrive, we’ve found out that, upon intake, about 80% are homeless or not living in a place that they own or rent, and 66% of our clients are unemployed. As of October of 2020, we were able to house 62 people. We were also able to help 28 people with job placements.

This is a major accomplishment because we have found that one of the biggest indicators of relapse is an individual’s housing situation. When people don't feel safe in their environment, when they don’t have a place to call home, there is a higher prevalence of relapse.

Does It Work?

Above and Beyond has quickly become one of the most advanced, innovative addiction treatment centers in the United States, providing transformative services to the homeless and uninsured who otherwise have no access to treatment.

We have received recognition as Organization of the Year 2020, Top 3 Best Treatment Centers in Chicago, Best and Brightest National Companies to Work for and a Chicago Innovation Award, for which we were honored with the privilege of ringing the NASDAQ Bell in New York City.

AnB Nick Jaworski and Ben Bornstein outside NASDAQ

Board Members Ben Bornstein and Nick Jaworski outside of NASDAQ after the bell ringing.

The center employs evidence-based techniques, encouraging behavior as something that can be changed by changing beliefs about their lives that are often complicated with challenging circumstances of poverty, homelessness, abuse, and addiction. Completing our fifth year in operation, we are regularly lauded for our innovation, best practices, and ever-increasing visibility on a national scale. 

Above and Beyond’s integrated approach and evidence-informed model provides our clients with the opportunity to focus on themselves and the work that they need to do to reach sobriety.

We work to holistically break the cycle of generational addiction and poverty by meeting our clients where they are and giving them the opportunity to participate in their own treatment.

How Do We Do It?

We do this by forging one of the largest networks of behavioral health stakeholders in the city of Chicago—each of which offers substance use, mental health, and/or addiction treatment services.

Above and Beyond is a licensed level I and level II outpatient addiction treatment facility located on the west side of Chicago at 2942 West Lake Street. We are a not-for-profit 501C3 corporation, with private funding to ensure that no one is ever turned away due to an inability to pay.

Our focus is serving Chicago’s community of the disenfranchised with a long history of unemployment and substance abuse impacting both the family and the community at large.

AnB Get Involved Outcomes Chart

We are a self-sustaining model that doesn’t rely on government funds and doesn’t let politics get in the way of serving the needs of our community. That is part of what makes Above and Beyond so special, we rely on you and the surrounding community to affect these changes.

Are You Looking to Be of Service?

Above and Beyond has many needs, and your support of our mission and vision is gratefully accepted.

 • Volunteer your time to help those of us with substance abuse disorders, using our unique Vestibule approach. 

• Provide gifts-in-kind, such as professional services, supplies, and materials, used vans or buses, and other goods that can be valued and deducted at year-end as Gifts in Kind to a 501c3.

 • Financial support, which will enable us to serve the many clients who walk in off the street in need of substance abuse programming, life skills, and support. 

• Community support, including helping us spread the word among community leaders, activists, and other advocates who can embrace our mission.

 • Partnerships and alliances with other community-based resources, agencies, and organizations that have a complementary mission to ours.

 • Referrals from those in your community, and from other treatment centers that cannot provide services to the uninsured and neediest among us who are still suffering.


What inspires a person to volunteer their resources to any effort? It’s not the idea of payment or acknowledgment or even notoriety. It is something deeper, more profound. At Above and Beyond we welcome your gifts of time and talent. You will join a team of highly committed staff members engaged in cutting-edge work - transforming the lives of people forgotten and dismissed on the West Side of Chicago.

At Above and Beyond we can help you match your skills to the right volunteer opportunity. We also welcome suggested ideas and activities that will expand the possibilities for people moving from hopelessness to hope.

To see volunteer opportunities, click on Volunteer.


Your donation is vital to Above and Beyond. The financial resources to carry out our mission hinges on the generosity of the community and your belief that our mission is transformative and makes a difference in regenerating hope, overcoming obstacles, and saving lives. Above and Beyond is committed to sustainable fund-raising in order to develop programming unencumbered by political ideas or far-reaching policies.

See How Your Donation Makes An Impact

  • Impact:  $50,000 Supports 20 Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center Program Graduates.  Above and Beyond has celebrated the graduations of nearly 1,000 patients since our doors opened in 2016, and the cost to produce one graduate averages $2,500.
  • Impact:  $25,000 Supports Emergency and Permanent Housing placement for 25 Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center’s Patients.  Average cost to house one patient is $1,000.   
  • Impact:  $10,000 Supports Feeding over 1,000 Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center’s Patients.  We pride ourselves on providing residents with two nutritious meals per day.  Our menu reflects a 100% vegetarian diet. Focus on the physical well-being of patients is nurtured by the groups we offer that focus on exercise (yoga, walking and talking, move (calisthenics), acupuncture, and dance ).
  • Impact:  $5,000 Supports Job Training and Job Placement for 10 Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center’s Patients.  The average 
  • Impact:  $2,500 Supports the average cost of $2,500 for one patient to graduate. 
  • Impact:  $1,000 Supports the essential program of housing placement for Above and Beyond patients. The average cost to find housing for one patient is $1,000.

The people in this community understand what the critical needs are and how to reach out and create partnerships that will solve problems. Real people solving real problems. Your donation helps in the continued presence of Above and Beyond.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, click on .
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