Can you really say that you are satisfied in your current position?

Is your employer attentive to your individual needs?

Are you changing lives the way that you’d like to?

Are you listened to?

Will you be proud to spend your remaining working days where you are and retire with regret?

If your answer is “NO” to any of the above questions then you should consider coming to work for one of the employee-friendliest organizations in the substance abuse industry.

Take a moment to read our mission statement and pay attention to the big role we give our employees. Our product is our people and the work that we do with our clients is our most valuable asset. This could be one of the biggest reasons we have virtually no turnover. How many ads of ours have your seen in the local or electronic media?

We’ve scrapped a lot of industry dysfunction, like stoic programs that march ahead whether they work or not, managerial lack of listening ability, and demotivational interviewing. Different maybe, but to us it seems so normal that we can¹t figure out why it hasn’t always been this way.

If what we say interests you then fill out an application and either mail it in to us, attach it to an email addressed to info@anb.today. If we have no positions open in your area of expertise (as you might expect, we have a plethora of applicants), we will keep your application and resume for future consideration.

One additional assurance we offer any applicant is that your resume and/or application and/or confidential contact information will not be seen by or communicated to ANYONE ELSE until there is mutual consent. We come from the trenches ourselves and understand the delicate nature of a career change. Therefore, anyone who feels “trapped” in a position or “obligated or indebted” to their current patriarch or even “scared” to come out of the woods, please give the idea another think-through. We¹re not hindered by of any of that business because we don’t participate in it. We are problems solvers by profession and we wear the white hats. Please remember that.

However, with all of that said, we are only interested in the “Best of the Best” so please don¹t apply unless you can demonstrate a tangible, unblemished employment history. We check all references (eventually) and educational claims and we expect nothing less than what was presented to us as fact. This characteristic of complete disclosure and total honesty is consistent with our modus operandi and you¹ll be pleased with the fact that you get the same consideration of total transparency from the office as well. It works both ways. If we are able to schedule an interview, or you are in the area and you just want to drop in, you can have the opportunity to meet and judge us for what we are. We’re upfront. We play no games. We do what we say. And we’re here for only one reason . . . our clients!

Now go take another look at our mission statement, compare it to your current life activity and tell us if we should be looking forward to hearing from you!

Dan Hostetler