Volunteer Opportunities

You will join a team of highly committed staff members engaged in cutting edge work - transforming the lives of people forgotten and dismissed on the West Side of Chicago.

The opportunities listed below are standing opportunities but for a more up-to-date listing of our volunteer opportunities, please go to VolunteerMatch.org and peruse our most recent listings.

  • Administrative Assistant: will perform a wide variety of ad-hoc but crucial functions in keeping our clients in the best, most nurturing environment in the treatment business. Running errands, typing, making contacts, greeting clients, and other typical administrative duties will be required depending on the abilities of the applicants. We can find something constructive and useful for you to do no matter what your skill sets!
  • Handyman or Handywoman: will help us keep the place painted, plumbed, electrified, and functional.
  • Journalist / Writer: will help us collect the many amazing stories of recovery and help us to put them into a format that honors them and the hard road they’ve travelled. Most of these stories are so moving that the process of collecting, assembling, and writing them becomes transformative in itself. A person with a big heart who is moved by witnessing miracles in the flesh would be a good candidate (and of course writing ability).
  • Executive Volunteer: Seeking an exceptional former executive, CEO, entrepreneur or leadership personality who is willing to volunteer their time and experience to assist the Executive Director in a wide and changing variety of project management endeavors. Flex hours are fine with as few or as many as you have available, and taking on a specific project or limited role would be great.
  • Geek: needed to help us stay wired and connected to each other and the outside worldwide web! Skills in website management would be helpful but the main assistance will be required in making sure our connectivity is healthy and functional.
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There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.

James Doolittle, commander of the raid on Tokyo in WWII.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it in regularly?
No problem. We’ll work around your schedule and we have infinite patience.

Are these people dangerous? Is it safe to be there?
We feel it’s safe. You will have to judge for yourself but our safety protocols have yet to be used due to lack of need.

Is it fun?
It’s a BALL! We love it and encourage you to come down and experience it yourself!

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