Rage REduction

REBT Rage Reduction

REBT Rage ReductionRage and anger are two forms of aggressive emotional response that can be triggered by either internal or external situations that are interpreted as frustrating, painful, or threatening. The difference between rage and anger is a matter of degree. While anger is an appropriate response to some situations, rage can lead to uncontrolled and violent behavior.

Both anger and rage are big problems for many of those struggling with addiction and it's often one of the complicating factors in achieving recovery goals for our clients. Society and family seem to provide and endless source of stimuli and triggers for them to be angry, and many times it seems as if aggression gets good results for them with very little downside.

Expressions of anger may feel good to them temporarily, and sometimes their threatening and intimidating behavior achieves the immediate goal. Unfortunately, being aggressive takes less thought than being assertive. However, the latest research tells us very clearly that some things we used to think were helpful aren't.

One of the discredited therapeutic practices is "venting". Ask an angry person how he or she feels after screaming or pummeling a pillow, and the response is often "much better," so it is easy to understand how the idea that "venting helps" gained its undeserved legitimacy. Research shows conclusively that venting makes things worse. It actually increases feelings of anger and aggressive inclinations, making the problem worse.

A focus on anger management in domestic violence cases also has come into question. Domestic violence experts advise that the problem for perpetrators is a deeper one than impulse control. It is believed that anger management classes might even help perpetrators gain skills necessary to fine-tune the domination and exploitation of their victims.

For these reasons, Above and Beyond does not offer Anger Management therapy of this disproven type and instead offers a proprietary REBE Rage Reduction Education (taught in group) and REBT Rage Reduction Therapy (applied in individual counseling sessions) that is evidence based. The radically positive results it produces do not work through suppression or diversion, but instead give the afflicted perpetrators an ability to arrest (thought catch) their emotions before they get hijacked, escalated, and cause huge problematic outcomes. 

Our first step is to assess clients in this area to determine the depth and severity of the problem and how it is exacerbated by Substance Use Disorder, so "showing up" at our offices is the first step.

The book below was written by Terry London and is available for purchase at Above and Beyond. It is standard issue for those in Rage Reduction Groups (also taught by Terry London) and through the individual counseling sessions that A & B clients receive through their counselors.

This is but another of the many "distinguishing characteristics" that Above and Beyond considers precious and fundamental to their mission of helping guide their clients into meaningful, sustainable lives.