Rebel Voices Scholarship Program

Above and Beyond Scholarship Program Overview

The Rebel Voices program provides adults with opportunities and skills critical to achieving economic prosperity.  Launched in June 2020, Rebel Voices provides scholarship and mentorship assistance to encourage eligible students to pursue careers in fields such as healthcare/EMT, firefighter, police, business, auto repair, welding and electrical to name a few.

Educational partnerships with MedEx Ambulance Services, Lincoln Tech and Midwestern Career College allow us the opportunity to work together and connect with individuals that are ready and willing to take the step toward a future of their choosing. 

The Rebel Voices Scholarship is a non-discriminatory, educational scholarship program for the benefit of nontraditional students pursuing an associate degree or a technical/professional certificate.    

Awards will be provided for the recipients’ education to aid them in obtaining the necessary educational skills to help achieve career goals and objectives.  And, in some cases, related expenses which will include tuition, books and mandatory fees from schools.  Not included are such things as rent, utility payments, repayment of student loans or remaining balances payable to recipient.  

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Clearly defined career goals and objectives
  • Specify the educational requirements to attain the above goals and objectives
  • 18 years or age or older
  • Applicants must reside within geographic boundaries as outlined by Rebel Voices
  • Must demonstrate a financial need
  • Socially, physically, and economically challenged adults
  • High school diploma or equivalent

For more information, contact Bonnie Kimpling at or call 773.940.2960, ext. 122, to schedule an interview.

AAB Rebel Voices Scholarship Program