Meeting Your Goals

By Eric Ridenour

When you find yourself in a new community, with little to nothing, you need everything you can gather just to get by. It is not easy, and the sheer volume of picking up the pieces of life and getting yourself together can take what seems like forever. It can be such a huge task that it seems impossible to do. For some people, it is so overwhelming, you don’t even know where to start.

We are here to help you get things back together.

Make A Goal

The first thing you need to do is to make a goal, or even better, several goals. There is a classic mindset book out there called Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill, it is an excellent guide to meeting your goals. Make a list of reasonable, measurable goals and a timeline for each. and put it somewhere you will see it often like a bathroom mirror. My goals were to start and finish school, get a job, pay off my debt, get a job that makes over $50k per year, and buy a house.

Plan the Attack

Do not be vague. Make clear, detailed goals. Not just start and finish school. For example, decide to go to a certain school. It is also good to have a second list, pick one thing off your list and make a small list for how you will accomplish that. For example, start school. You then make a list of the steps to doing that that meet your goal. Decide to go to welding school and get a certificate in Certified Welder in 3 years from the AWS. Next, have endorsements in structural steel and aluminum within 5 years and set on a plan to achieve it. Find a school that offers certification, file for financial aid, speak with construction companies you want to work for and ask them what schools they prefer to hire from. Make your goal very clear and have clear steps for accomplishing it.PatienceHave patience! Expect setbacks! This will happen! The test of strength is patience. Things will not go as you wanted. Things will go wrong. As Rocky famously said, it’s about keeping moving forward no matter what. Many people can handle one or two setbacks, but quickly give up after much more. Not giving up makes people strong. If you can make it through setbacks in your early goals, it will be much easier in your newer goals.

Support Structure

Surround yourself with people who will support you. Friends, family, it does not matter. If you can wind up with a mentor, even better. Try to have at least three people in your life who you can call when things are rough to help build you up and cheerleaders. These people will encourage you when things are going well. Stay in regular contact with them. Keep people updated on your progress. More than anything you need more than anything is people who will be there when things do not go well.


Plan a celebration and reward for meeting your goals. It does not have to be much, but when you scratch something off your list reward yourself. In fact, make this a regular habit. Every week you make progress on your goal, Go buy yourself your favorite burger. Go for ice cream, it does not matter. Some small reward. You are working hard and making progress, it is not all about just the end game, you need to admit to yourself the small victories along the way.

Are drugs and alcohol preventing you from accomplishing your goals in life? Did they send you to prison and now you need to get back on track again? Join us Sundays at 11 am for our free community workout and then stick around and see how we can help or schedule a tour with our Executive Director, Dan Hostetler today.

Author Bio:

Eric Ridenour is a father of two and professional digital marketer and writer. First published at 8 years old, he is no stranger to writing. In addition to his professional life, he is no stranger to his share of struggles with substance abuse. Today he stands as a testimony that people can turn their life around and become very successful if they try hard enough. He now provides this blog free of charge as a way of giving back to those who help others. Eric can be contacted here: