Director of Philanthropy

Sheri Gibson is one of the more interesting of us and is a delight to work with! She has highly developed listening skills with fluency in silence and authentic interest in those she engages. Most people who meet her cannot get enough of her, and we believe that this might come from her lifetime of successful fundraising experience, which has put her into relationship with just about everyone in the Who’s Who of Philanthropic Giving!

In business terms, she is a results-oriented, dynamic, high energy fundraising professional with over 20 years of proven results-saturated career and leadership experience. You will know it when you see it! She’s much more than proficient in innovative fund development, measuring impact and double bottom line strategies. Her diversified experience in developing and implementing a variety of social and human services programs which focus on compliance with federal, state and foundation agencies is second to none in the industry. This professional lady is highly skilled in writing and delivering compelling and winning proposals that open doors and loosen purse strings because she is real, authentic, honest, and a clear speaker and thinker. It becomes immediately apparent upon meeting her that what you see is what you get, without annoying games or pretenses, just good, caring conversation regarding the wellbeing and protection of her donors.

She’s a take-charge individual and effective team player with a capacity for sustained hard work in demanding work environments but she does all of this while leaning in to hear what you have to say, a rare quality in most leaders! Sheri is in possession of a strong record of successful donor/grants management with her own branded tenacity in cultivating new funding opportunities, scaling business and program development, procuring bids for social enterprises, marketing communications, and cultivating donor relations to maximize results. Adept at driving organization growth through servant leadership she’s intuitively able to identify collaborative partnerships at the personal, local, federal and national levels. She’s a super heroine in every sense and Above and Beyond is very fortunate to have acquired her super powers of deeply caring empathy and sensible relationship construction that works for all parties!

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