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WGNtv Chicago: Privately funded recovery center in Chicago offers different approach to treatment

WGNtv CHICAGO — Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center touts a new approach to addiction recovery in being less rigid than traditional treatment centers.

Motivated by a family member’s addiction, Chicago businessman Bryan Cressey founded the center a little over a year ago.

“I’m passionate about it because I’ve seen it in extended family and I’ve also recognized I can make this work,” Cressey said. “This is something I can do to save lives and transform lives.”

Cressey privately funds the center with a budget of just under a million dollars. He expects the center to help 1200 people in this year.

“Most treatment facilities are like: ‘This is the way it works’,” said Kyle Dunn who had been battling opioid addiction all of his life. Dunn got to Above and Beyond and noticed a difference right away and he was offered a job.

“I’m a certified addiction professional and a recovery coach and I keep this place on its feet daily,” said Dunn. “I know that when I come here I’m needed and it feels really good.”

Cressey hopes to raise enough donations and gain government grants so he can open up more centers around Chicago.