To Above and Beyond, thank you for being an island in an ocean, and an alternative to hopelessness.

-Anthony L.

What I've gotten out of Above and Beyond, they have a lot of resources and support, counseling, meetings, coping skills, and  a community to stay connected with. AnB taught me how to live a proper life within my means. I love Above and Beyond. I am a graduate of the program and now I am a mentor here. They also have  other programs like GED classes and opportunities to move forward into a better life for yourself.

I was introduced to Above and Beyond through an inpatient program. I found a sponsor and a counselor here, did all the groups that were offered to me here. The groups really changed my way of thinking and put a desire in me to live a life of sobriety. This place has put a desire in me to live a life that was hard to live before and has given me a new group of friends to share this life with.