A Better Tomorrow -
Samuel Walker

Samuel L Walker
Chicago, IL

Samuel L. Walker came to Above and Beyond after a crack binge sent him to the hospital.

“I thought I was going into my third congestive heart failure, and I knew that if I kept going down the path that I was going down, death was probably imminent,” Walker said. “I was tired of being tired, tired of being sick, tired of lying, tired of living a double life; I knew that God had given me many chances and I knew that it was time for me to get serious about beating my addiction.”

Walker had already attended other recovery services like Narcotics Anonymous but nothing seemed to work for him -- until he started coming to Above and Beyond.

“From the counselors to the other clients, everyone here is encouraging and just hearing their stories and their struggles and seeing how people like me can reach a place of recovery has been incredible,” Walker said. “Seeing people go from where I was, where I’ve been, and seeing where they are now -- achievements that they’ve made and how they’ve grown, it’s been very inspiring; it showed me that all you have to do to make a recovery here is to show up.”

Walker believes that Above and Beyond’s counselors are unique because many have gone through the same struggles as their clients.

“I can be more vulnerable here -- nobody judges,” Walker says. “They’ve been there before, and this is where I feel like I can be completely open and get clean; people really care about you here.”

Having seen firsthand how counselors can motivate and inspire clients to build a better tomorrow, Walker says that he’s made it his goal to become a counselor.

“I don’t want anyone else to have to go through the experiences that I’ve gone through; it’s painful for your loved ones and it’s painful for the addict, so I want to help others avoid the pain and struggles that I went through for 36 years.”