A Full Recovery -
Bruce Hall

Bruce Hall

Bruce Hall
Chicago Illinois

Fed up with a spiraling cocaine addiction, Bruce Hall realized that he needed to get sober and take back control of his own life. He had tried a number of support services and groups in the past but nothing had worked. That all changed when he stepped through the front doors at Above and Beyond.

“When I first came to Above and Beyond, I was amazed by everything there -- the decor, the staff, I knew it was nothing like any other place that I’ve been to,” Hall says. “It was different -- the staff is really caring and they’re really concerned about you; they’re dedicated to helping you get your life together.”

Hall believes that Above and Beyond’s programs can enable anyone to make a full recovery.

“A lot of support groups don’t dive deep enough, but here at Above and Beyond, they understand that an addiction has layers and those layers have to be peeled off before you can make a full recovery,” Hall said. “Above & Beyond helps you do that -- the staff here helps you identify those layers and then peel them back; it’s not just groups and classes here, it’s a lot deeper than that.”

Hall says that he wants others to know that Above and Beyond can help anyone regain control of their lives.

“I’m doing things that I never thought I would do again like working or inspiring others, so I know that Above and Beyond -- with how they peel back those layers and the one-on-one relationships -- can help people in similar situations.”