A Piece of Mind -
Julius Williams


Julius "Goldie" Williams
Location: Chicago

Julius received a DUI in 2007 and decided to get his driver's license back earlier this year. For Julius, a license is essential to his job.

"My family is in the trucking business, so having a license is important," Williams says.

Although Williams isn't an alcoholic and doesn't abuse substances, he realized that stress and anger were two issues that he needed help with.

He decided to do whatever it would take to get his license back. That is what brought him to Above and Beyond. He says that Above and Beyond is different from most other recovery centers in that it offers him ways to better manage his emotions, something that he continues to learn by participating in group sessions.

"Above and Beyond is unique because they address everything, not just substance abuse."

Williams says the programs at Above and Beyond have helped him get his anger under control and most importantly, provide him with the tools he needs to better manage his anger.

"A lot of time, we just react instead of thinking about how we got somewhere," said Williams. "Here, you learn how to take a big step back and process what you're doing, what you're about to do, and think about the consequences of your actions before you act."

Williams hopes to spread the word about Above and Beyond in the future. He believes that anyone who is struggling -- whether it's from substance abuse, addiction, or stress -- can benefit from the sense of community and the workshops that Above and Beyond have to offer.

"They make you feel comfortable here," Williams says. "I wish I had known about this place a whole lot sooner; it's helped me so much, it's what I really needed."