We Celebrate James and Corretta - A Wedding Story


Friday, December 9, 2016 at 1:00PM, James and Corretta joined in holy matrimony at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center located at 2954 West Lake Street in Chicago, IL.

What makes their union so very special is the fact that James and Corretta met as homeless substance abusers, one opioid and one alcohol, while participating in the unique outpatient addiction treatment programs offered by Above and Beyond.

If these two homeless addicts could find love and happiness while detoxifying their minds and bodies in pursuit of their life’s meaning and purpose, then we have evidenced a modern-day miracle in our very midst. We have proof that anything we can conceive of and believe, can happen!

Partially because of the meaning and purpose that they discovered while participating in Above and Beyond’s hyper-differentiated addiction healing methodologies (which embrace REBT and Logotherapy concepts). And, partially because they found each other, both of them have graduated from Above and Beyond’s programs and have become clean and sober alumni with the full intention of continuing their deep relationship with the welcoming communities at Above and Beyond.

As they put it, they “love their sobriety as much as they love each other.”

Brenda Dixon officiated their ceremony, and she is not only their counselor, but their pastor as well. Above and Beyond provided refreshments, the room, decorations, and will continue to contribute as much support and love that is in keeping with our name, mission, and what we do.

By coincidence, both matrimonial partners-to-be were sheltered at The Boulevard, a temporary residency for disabled homeless victims who works closely with Above and Beyond, but they were not allowed to fraternize due to house rules. So, they met in their synchronistic desire to get clean and sober at Above and Beyond, with rewards waiting that neither could ever imagined.

Their life begins together in earnest, taking up residency in an SRO (Single Occupancy) unit that was facilitated by the Housing Director at Above and Beyond. Their bleakness of their materialistic life is vastly overwhelmed by the richness of their deep dedication, caring, and love for their sobriety, and just as important, for each other.

These two are considered modern day heroes by the staff and our community, for their staunch defiance of the odds that have been, and continue to be, stacked against them. But this is what the population at Above and Beyond face daily, and though maybe less grandiose, miracles do happen here, all the time! The numerous differentiating characteristics of Above and Beyond have shattered the norms of addiction treatment primarily because our benefactor, Bryan Cressey, has made certain that our programs are chasing addictions instead of diminishing state and federal reimbursement dollars, which compromises services and results.

Gifts are more than welcomed, as the couple are only getting by on the few resources available to them. The ceremony commenced at 1:00PM and was covered by WGN – TV. Anyone touched by this ‘rags to recovery’ love story, who would like to contribute, in whatever way they are able - no matter how small or seemingly insignificant – is encouraged to do so. Wedding contributions, gifts, and donations can be communicated to info@anb.today