Back on His feet - Jamal Hasim

Jamal Hasim

Jamal Hasim

Hasim Jamal had been battling an alcohol addiction for decades and started to think he would never overcome his habit. Jamal had tried a number of support groups and services but nothing had worked for him.

“I’ve been using since I was 18 and it’s put me in a lot of bad places,” Jamal said. “I wanted to stop, and I knew that I needed to stop; I tried a bunch of different groups but nothing was working.”

One day, Jamal’s neighbors, concerned for his well-being, suggested that he come to Above and Beyond.

And that -- Jamal says -- made all the difference.

“Above and Beyond was different; it was a place where I could talk to people one-on-one, where people go the extra mile to help take care of you and help you overcome your struggles -- you feel like you know everyone here personally.”

Since coming to Above and Beyond, Hasim says he’s become much happier and more self-assured.

“My speech is better, my walk is better, and I feel a lot more confident in my actions today,” Hasim said. “That’s all because of Above and Beyond; they gave me another chance here and got me back on my feet.”